A website upgrade, new mailing system and some of our favourite stories over the past four years

By Martin Smith and Tash Shifrin | 24 April 2018

Time for some new polar bears. Pic credit: Alaska Region US Fish & Wildlife Service

We started this blog in February 2014, in a tearing hurry, with a picture of some polar bears watching telly in our introductory post. Now, after more than four years of antifascist blogging, we’ve finally got round to an upgrade.

The upgrade – in keeping with the name of this blog – has been deferred for a while. We’ve prioritised providing more coverage of fascism and the far right around Europe, and we both have work and family commitments, but here at last is the upgraded version. It might not look massively different.

What’s new?

But we hope readers will now find the site easier to use, especially on mobile devices. We have also upgraded our mailing list system, which sends subscribers an email notification every time we publish a new story – if you’re not already a subscriber you can sign up using the form below this post.

Our little update has also been an opportunity to look back at some of the work we’ve done – we’ve added links to some of our favourite posts below.

Thank you

This is also a chance for us to thank everyone who has read our stories – and especially to all those who have shared them.

As London-based activists, we were a little surprised in the beginning to find how many readers we had internationally. We are particularly happy about this as much of what we write about here is relevant across Europe and beyond.

Thanks also to readers who have posted comments and sent us info. And thank you to the friends and comrades who have written for Dream Deferred too.

We would also like to thank those who have taken the time and effort to translate some of our posts – into languages ranging from French and Greek to Chinese and Korean.

We hope our readers will continue to find our posts useful and we look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to the next four and a bit years!


Here is a selection of some of our favourite posts on the blog.

Polish fascists give the Nazi “sieg heil” salute and brandish a White Power flag

Fascism and the far right in Europe: country by country guide and analysis
We wrote this comprehensive survey and analysis two years ago and have updated some sections with more recent links. We’re hoping to produce a completely updated version later this year.

The start of the FLA march. Pic credit: Dream Deferred

All our stories on the Football Lads Alliance
We were the first to report on the formation of the FLA. Read all our coverage, including “Six things you need to know” and an analysis of the FLA / DFLA split here.

An African-German girl in a school photo. Pic credit: USHMM

The Holocaust’s forgotten black victims – the ‘Rhineland Bastards’
This post unexpectedly went completely viral. The lengthy comments thread underneath includes many interesting, useful and sometimes very moving contributions from our readers.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the fascist Front National. Pic credit: Blandine Le Cain

FRANCE: Marine Le Pen’s fascist Front National – what you need to know
Written ahead of last year’s presidential elections in France, this is a look at Euurope’s most electorally successful fascist party, exposing the real politics behind its glossy public image.

A tile from Treblinka. Pic credit: Staffordshire University archaeology department

The darker the night the brighter the star – how a tile exposed the Holocaust deniers’ lies
Important new research at the Nazis’ Treblinka death camp has helped uncover more of the story that modern day fascists try to deny

The letters on the shield are “UPA”, the initials of the wartime Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Pic credit: LB.UA

Protests, fascism and civil war in Ukraine
We began our blog with this series of posts about Ukraine during the Euromaidan protests, and were the first to expose the appointment of fascists to the country’s government in 2014.

Underground Resistance at work

Underground Resistance: political music, ‘chaotic, just like Detroit’
It’s not all doom and gloom on Dream Deferred. There’s culture too. Here’s an interview with Detroit techno collective Urban Resistance.


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