Urban Canvases: east London’s street art – free book for download

By Martin Smith | 13 August 2016

Urban Canvases cover

In 1984 I visited Berlin, where I saw and photographed the wonderful murals painted on the Berlin Wall. It sparked in me a passion for looking at and photographing street art.

The development of the phone camera and social media has enabled me to share the work of many of my favourite artists.

This little book is a photo study of some of the street art you can find in east London. It contains a short essay on the history of street art and biographies of some of my favourite artists, plus loads of photographs of the art.

It also includes three walking tours, so you can see some of the works yourself. The nature of street art means that some have been painted on or removed, but there is always new art to see. A longer book is set to be published in print in the new year.

You can also read more about street art here on Dream Deferred.

Download the book as a pdf file below

Urban Canvases: east London’s street art



  1. Scott Lewis said:

    Hey Martin, Can’t wait to see/read it! Thanks.

    15 August 2016 at 3:58pm
  2. martin said:

    Hi Scott, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing your book.

    16 August 2016 at 7:05pm

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