This is what happens when you call the cops…

By Tash Shifrin | 12 June 2015

The powerful video for Call the Cops, by Rob Hustle featuring Bump, is made from real footage of police brutality, edited together.

The most surprising thing about this video is that it’s nearly a year old – it was made before Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, before Freddie Gray was killed in Baltimore, before the uniformed thug in McKinney, Texas, slammed a teenaged black girl in a bikini face down onto the ground… The list – and the death toll – grows daily.

It could have been made yesterday. It could have been made in Britain or France or any other country you care to name instead of America.

If you want to buy the track, it’s on iTunes here (or do a quick search for other outlets). Profits from the track are going to Justice for Baby Bou Bou. Click that link: yes, that is a baby hit in the face by by a police stun grenade.

Pic credit: Light Brigading

Pic credit: Light Brigading

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