Bus strike video: picket line party for fair pay

By Tash Shifrin | 5 February 2015

Today bus workers across London are on strike for fair pay. And these strikers at Camberwell garage in south London are an early favourite for Best Picket Line 2015. Solidarity with the strikers!

I reckon every picket line should have someone who can rap freestyle about the job and the strike. Londoners may be able to pick out familiar bus routes…

The graphic below shows why the bus workers are striking – the private companies that now make a fat profit out of our public transport are also playing divide and rule with the workforce, with 80 different hourly rates of pay for doing exactly the same job.

This map shows the chaos of unfair pay

Mapped out: the chaos of unfair pay

There will be more strikes if the bus bosses don’t back down. Here’s to fair pay for all London’s bus workers – we hope you win.


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