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By Tash Shifrin | 23 January 2014
Polar bears watch telly. Source unknown

Polar bears watch telly. Source unknown

Welcome to Dream Deferred. It’s brand new so we are still filling it up with stories.

Have a look at our About page for an idea of what the site is all about and what we are planning to do here in future.

Or have a look at what we’ve got so far on the worrying rise of fascism in different parts of Europe. Or read our music posts…

There’s lots more coming soon.

We hope you will keep an eye on the site as it develops – and if you are on Twitter, you can follow us at @dreamdef1 where we will tweet out all new posts.

The cuddly polar bears have been a test pic for some time, while we got the site sorted out. They are not really relevant – but they are nice!


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