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EYEWITNESS: fascists lead huge demo on Poland’s independence day, with Jewish and LGBT people key targets

This year’s demo came in the wake of gains for the far right in Poland’s elections, boosting the confidence of the fascist groups behind the annual march.

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Fascism and the far right in Europe: country by country guide, 2019

Full country by country guide to fascism and the far right in Europe – completely revised for 2019. Includes elections table

Tommy Robinson vs the media – and the ‘great replacement’ theory that links him to Christchurch

As “Tommy Robinson” released his Panodrama video in front of up to 4,000 supporters in Salford , he was expecting the ban from Facebook that followed two days later. The launch marked an escalation of Robinson’s assault on the media. This is a battle for which he has given the same theoretical justification – the idea of a “great replacement” – that was cited by the suspect in the Christchurch massacre