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Pro-Ukraine fighter throws a molotov cocktail at the Trade Union House, Odessa. Inside dozens of Antimaidan activists were burned to death. Pic credit: Reuters

The death toll in Odessa, in the south of Ukraine has reached 46, after clashes between broadly pro-Russian “Antimaidan” protestors and pro-Ukrainian Euromaidan activists on Friday 2 May.

5 May 2014 | In depth

It’s important to oppose imperialist intervention in Ukraine and say no to Putin’s war. Already Russian military forces have seized Crimea. Russian imperialism is no more progressive than that of the US and NATO – we should oppose all of them. And war would be a disaster for the people of Ukraine. This useful article by Alex Callinicos sets out how Putin’s power play fits into the system of inter-imperialist rivalry. The old slogan, “neither Washington nor Moscow”, is an especially good one now.

4 March 2014 | Pick of the web
Fascist Svoboda activists occupied Kiev city hall in December. Now the party is in government. Pic credit: AP

Fascists are now part of Ukraine’s government. Oleksandr Sych, of the fascist Svoboda party, has been appointed as deputy prime minister of Ukraine.

27 February 2014 | Notes
The flag of the wartime Ukrainian Insurgent Army, orginally allied with the Nazis, outside Ukraine's parliament building in a phot distributed by the fascist Right Sector

We saw horror and bloodshed on the streets of Kiev last week. And we may not have seen the last of it yet.

25 February 2014 | In depth
Fascist Svoboda units of the paramiltary "Self Defence" march through Kiev earlier this month. Pic credit:  Samson Dunay

Fascist fighters are at the heart of a new paramilitary force that can already muster thousands on the streets of Kiev. The paramilitaries are openly recruiting, carrying out combat training and marching in Ukraine’s capital.

17 February 2014 | In depth
Fascist Svoboda activists occupied Kiev city hall in December. Now the party is in government. Pic credit: AP

Huge protests have rocked Ukraine since November. Kiev’s main square has been occupied, there have been dramatic scenes of heavy fighting between militant protestors and police, and government buildings have been stormed and occupied too.

3 February 2014 | In depth