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UKIP's John Bickley tweeted this pic of his advert, highlighting Corbyn's leadership of Labour

Even if UKIP didn’t win, Labour’s majority of some 14,000 would be slashed in a damning verdict on Corbyn, they claimed… right up until the result came through.

6 December 2015 | In depth
Jeremy Corbyn speaks to hundreds of people who couldn't get into a London rally, from the top of a fire engine. Pic credit: Jeremy Corbyn for PM

It’s September, but it feels more like a kind of spring.

13 September 2015 | In depth
The new fascist and racist bloc. Ex-UKIP MEP Atkinson is third from left, next to Le Pen and Wilders.

Fascist Front National leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch racist populist Geert Wilders have finally got their hands on around €17.5m of public money by forming a new fascist and racist group in the European Parliament.

16 June 2015 | Notes
Pic credit: Chris Beckett

There is a new political landscape in Britain and it is a very ugly one: David Cameron back in Downing Street with a majority government and, across the country, a livid purple racist scar.

9 May 2015 | In depth
The Sun front page 21.11.14

On the morning of UKIP’s election victory in the Rochester and Strood byelection, the story of the day should have been the crisis faced by the David Cameron and his government as they lose a second seat in less than a month.

21 November 2014 | Notes
UKIP's Mark Reckless, who defected from the Tories and resigned to force the Rochester and Strood byelection

Barely a month ago the Conservatives gathered in Birmingham for their annual conference and heard the news that Mark Reckless, the MP for Rochester and Strood, had defected to UKIP.

15 November 2014 | Notes