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West Ham and Liverpool fans united in  support of the Palestinian struggle (pic cap Martin Smith)

The powerhouse of that mighty Liverpool team was John Barnes, one of Britain’s greatest football players. But that day at West Ham, many supporters did not treat John Barnes with admiration or even grudging respect…

24 September 2014 | Notes
London demo for Gaza, Saturday 9 August. Pic credit: Geoff Dexter – see set of pics here

Amid the horror of Israel’s latest war on Gaza there is hope. This is just a quick note to draw attention to a change in the level and nature of solidarity with Gaza that gives it the basis to tip over into a far more significant and powerful international campaign than it has been before.

13 August 2014 | Notes

A number of newspapers have all run stories over the last week stating that we are seeing a rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain as a result of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

2 August 2014 | Notes
People lived here: a destroyed house in Gaza, on 22 July 2014. Pic credit: Mohammed Al Baba/Oxfam

Like millions of people all over the world we are angry, horrified and shocked by the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel – so angry it is hard to actually express in words. The Palestinian death toll stands at 1,032 as we write. Here are their names.

27 July 2014 | Notes
palestine flag

In response to Israel’s horrific assault on Gaza, an international hip hop collective has put together this track calling for a boycott of Israel.

26 July 2014 | Video
Thousands of demonstrators block the road outside the Israeli embassy in London today. Pic credit: Stop the War Coalition

As I write, more than 120 Palestinians have already been killed in Israel’s latest brutal assault on Gaza – around a quarter are children.

11 July 2014 | Video