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Hungarian troops building the wall

We are witnessing the sickening spectacle of a wall being erected in Hungary to stop refugees who are fleeing persecution from entering the country.

14 July 2015 | In depth
Yes campaigners protesting at biased coverage of the independence referendum by the BBC this week. Pic credit: Joshua Brown via Facebook

The guy who made this video – I don’t know him – describes these scenes on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street as “a flashmob”. I’ve never seen a bigger flashmob! It’s a massive demonstration, a huge show of strength by Yes voters in the independence referendum on Thursday. Make sure you see the moment about five minutes in, when the camera turns and lets us look all the way down the street…

15 September 2014 | Video
Pro-Ukraine fighter throws a molotov cocktail at the Trade Union House, Odessa. Inside dozens of Antimaidan activists were burned to death. Pic credit: Reuters

The death toll in Odessa, in the south of Ukraine has reached 46, after clashes between broadly pro-Russian “Antimaidan” protestors and pro-Ukrainian Euromaidan activists on Friday 2 May.

5 May 2014 | In depth
The flag of the wartime Ukrainian Insurgent Army, orginally allied with the Nazis, outside Ukraine's parliament building in a phot distributed by the fascist Right Sector

We saw horror and bloodshed on the streets of Kiev last week. And we may not have seen the last of it yet.

25 February 2014 | In depth
Fascist Svoboda activists occupied Kiev city hall in December. Now the party is in government. Pic credit: AP

Huge protests have rocked Ukraine since November. Kiev’s main square has been occupied, there have been dramatic scenes of heavy fighting between militant protestors and police, and government buildings have been stormed and occupied too.

3 February 2014 | In depth