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February marked the 50th anniversary of the release of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. It’s an album that I often turn to for inspiration and serenity; it purifies my soul.

1 March 2015 | Notes

Instead of writing about my ten favourite records this month, I have decided to review just one.

3 February 2015 | In depthTop post

We asked readers of our blog to send in their five favourite tracks/albums of the year.

29 December 2014 | In depthTop post

I have had a busy and exciting month and have had no time to write up my tracks of the month, so apologies for the delay.

15 October 2014 | Tracks of the month

Soul and madness, reggae and bass: this pretty much sums up my favourite tracks this month.

3 August 2014 | Tracks of the month

‘I won’t lie, I was truly scared, but my fear was nothing compared what the liberation freedom fighters or the young Portuguese army recruits who refused to fight went through. I’ve thought about it a lot – would I do it again? I can honestly say yes.’

14 July 2014 | In depth