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Well England did not disappoint! However it was one of the best England performances I’ve seen for a long time and I’m pleased for Raheem Sterling, who had a great game.

15 June 2014 | In depth

The football maybe glorious, but much of the world’s media are ignoring the protests that are taking place in Brazil against FIFA and poverty. Brazilian police are rounding up protestors and jailing them.

14 June 2014 | In depth

What an opening to the World Cup. Was it a penalty? Was the referee really neutral? Can Brazil go on to win the tournament? And most importantly of all, how right was Dream Deferred to say that Neymar was the player to watch out for!

13 June 2014 | In depth

The wait is nearly over – the 2014 World Cup is upon us. For those of us who love football, hopefully it will be a feast of goals and skill.

12 June 2014 | In depth

One incident in a football match has opened the way for campaigners against racism in Spanish football and, more widely, in the Spanish state. The hero is the brilliant Brazilian attacking full back Dani Alves, who plays for Barcelona.

2 May 2014 | Video

On 15 April, it will be 25 years since the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, when 96 Liverpool fans went to see their football team play in the FA cup semi-final – and never came home.

11 April 2014 | Video