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There have been some beautiful and thoughtful obituaries remembering Lauren Bacall.

Amid the horror of Israel’s latest war on Gaza there is hope. This is just a quick note to draw attention to a change in the level and nature of solidarity with Gaza that gives it the basis to tip over into a far more significant and powerful international campaign than it has been before.

“The streets shall be our brushes – the squares our palettes”

Soul and madness, reggae and bass: this pretty much sums up my favourite tracks this month.

A number of newspapers have all run stories over the last week stating that we are seeing a rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain as a result of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Like millions of people all over the world we are angry, horrified and shocked by the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel – so angry it is hard to actually express in words. The Palestinian death toll stands at 1,032 as we write. Here are their names.