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In response to Israel’s horrific assault on Gaza, an international hip hop collective has put together this track calling for a boycott of Israel.

26 July 2014 |

As I write, more than 120 Palestinians have already been killed in Israel’s latest brutal assault on Gaza – around a quarter are children.

11 July 2014 |

In solidarity with the 1.5 million public sector workers who are set to strike against pay freezes, pension cuts and austerity measures on Thursday 10 July, here are two videos with footage of the 1926 General Strike.

9 July 2014 |

I was saddened to hear of the death of one of my favourite jazz pianists, Horace Silver.

20 June 2014 |

One of us here on Dream Deferred likes Coke. A lot. And it ain’t me! Here’s what happens if you boil up a portion of Martin’s favourite potion. It’s worth a watch.

10 June 2014 |

Marine Le Pen’s fascist Front National has been topping the polls and is expected to come first in France’s European Parliament vote – but not without opposition.

22 May 2014 |