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Polish far right groups gain access to community schools in Britain

Far right organisations have been allowed into Polish community schools in Britain – and one school appears to have direct links with a group set up by a fascist. In a guest post, Adam Słowacki reports.

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Fascist and far right parties across Europe are sending congratulations to Matteo Salvini, leader of the far right racist Lega, which has seen its vote surge in Italy’s general election while the centre left vote has collapsed and fascists gain renewed confidence on the streets.

UPDATED after the mayoral election Hódmezővásárhely on 25 February – a key bellwether constituency. This is the first of a series of reports from Hungary, looking at the realities of racism and fascism and the rise of the far right, as the general election approachs

Figures from a range of fascist and far right groups have set up a joint liaison group to coordinate activities and seek a “political direction”. They include key personnel from the FLA, former EDL leaders, hardcore nazis and a UKIP MEP.

To end our series, in which Hassan Mahamdallie delves into his collection of punk singles to tell the story of musical rebellion and growing up as a bored south London teenager of mixed heritage during the turbulent period of Enoch Powell and the nazi National Front, here are his top ten debut singles…

Punk and New Wave exploded onto the musical stage in 1976-77. The new music brought the bloated rock scene that came before it crashing down – and punk has shaped much of the music that has come since. Here, Hassan Mahamdallie looks at the Clash, possibly the most important punk band of all time.