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Tommy Robinson vs the media: the BBC, Facebook, journalists and the ‘great replacement’

As “Tommy Robinson” released his Panodrama video in front of up to 4,000 supporters in Salford , he was expecting the ban from Facebook that followed two days later. The launch marked an escalation of Robinson’s assault on the media. This is a battle for which he has given the same theoretical justification – the idea of a “great replacement” – that was cited by the suspect in the Christchurch massacre

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The Finns party: the rebirth of Finland’s far right

British fascist “Tommy Robinson” is in Helsinki this weekend to promote an anti-refugee film, Seinajaki Arab Spring. It was screened at an “undisclosed location” after the Finnish Film Foundation refused to host the event. Robinson failed to show up but did speak at a secret meeting of fascist and far right activists. Robinson’s visit comes against the background of rising far right in Finland. In a guest post from Finland, Laurens Mallinder explains what’s happening.

ANALYSIS – The street and the ballot box: Tommy Robinson and UKIP come together

A march of thousands led by “Tommy Robinson” and UKIP leader Gerard Batten marked the first outing of a new project for the far right in Britain – bringing together a racist street movement and what was once a traditional electoral party, UKIP. The move marks a new direction for the far right in Britain – but it has antecedents elsewhere…